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Majors & Programs

At Illinois College, education in the liberal arts means “education for life.” A liberal arts education transcends the current moment, the local environment and the next job. It fosters open-mindedness and respect for different values and prepares students for a life of responsible civic engagement. Liberal arts students think critically and independently, communicate ideas effectively, and learn to distinguish the good, the beautiful, and the true.

Accounting Services

In addition to administering the College’s annual budget and corresponding departmental budgets, Accounting Services is broadly responsible for the following functions: Accounts payable. Revenue projections and analysis. Travel regulations, procedures, and reimbursements. Student Payroll.


Call (217) 245-3000
Our Admission staff is dedicated to helping you through this process. We have provided a list of links to help you get started. If you cannot locate what you are looking for, contact us and we will help answer all your questions.

Business Affairs

Illinois College’s Office of Business Affairs consists of the office of the Vice President of Business Affairs and Chief Financial Officer, as well as departments responsible for financial and facilities management.

Campus Events

The Office of Campus Events is responsible for managing the campus events calendar and space reservations on campus. Campus events works with internal and external clients on all their event needs related to room reservations, set-up needs, audio/visual, catering, parking, lodging, and security. The College hosts hundreds of events each year including concerts, camps, conferences, weddings, receptions, athletic, and private events.

Campus Writing Center

Email writingcenter@ic.edu
To work on your writing and for consultation on planning or revising papers, visit the Campus Writing Center (CWC) in Lincoln Hall. You can walk in or make an appointment Sunday to Friday during morning, afternoon, and night-time hours (except for holidays) and special hours during Finals Week. It is best to take your work in early because the CWC gets backed up around popular due-dates, especially midterms and finals. Use TutorTrac to make an appointment. You can find TutorTrac on the main login page for IC. For help making an appointment or further information, please email writingcenter@ic.edu. If you would like to set up regular tutoring, please email the director, Dr. Cindy Cochran, at ccochran@ic.edu.

Career Services

Call (217) 245-3040
Visit the Office of Career Services to explore internships and graduate schools. Visit our Student Work Office, located within the Office of Career Services, to learn the details of how to find on-campus employment.

Center for Academic Excellence

Call (217) 245-3575
The Center for Academic Excellence (CAE) is located in Lincoln Hall. The Center is your academic partner on campus and provides services to help you meet your academic goals. Services include 1-on-1 coaching and advising, tutoring, and study skills development. Services are free of charge and open to all students. To make an appointment call us x3575 or stop by the Center 8am-5pm Monday through Friday.

Center for Student Involvement

Call (217) 245-3094
The Center for Student Involvement serves as a resource for student leaders through advising, leadership development programs and organizational support services. Through your involvement in co-curricular activities, you’ll round out your academic experience by learning new skills that will make your education complete while you create lifelong friendships.

Chesley Health and Wellness Center

Call (217) 245-3038

If you feel poorly, want to get a flu shot, or have other medical questions, contact the Chesley Health & Wellness. Chesley Health & Wellness is located in Lincoln Hall. For an appointment, call x3038 or email HealthServices@ic.edu.

Students Experiencing Emotional Distress
During the semester, if you find that stress or anxiety are interfering with your academic or personal success, consider contacting Chesley Health & Wellness. All services are free and confidential. Chesley Health & Wellness is located in Lincoln Hall and can be contacted by phone (x3038).

Students Worried About A Friend's Distress
Contact Chesley Health & Wellness or SafeIC case manager (Jessica Flynn: jessica.Flynn@ic.edu; x3270). All contacts are confidential. Referrals can also be made anonymously via a Behavioral Incident Referral form at www.ic.edu/safeic/referral

Community Engagement & Service

IC students have been nationally recognized for excellence in service to the community and many students say that their favorite memories and strongest friendships are made this way.

Corporate Foundation and Governmental Relations

The Illinois College Office of Corporate, Foundation and Governmental Relations assists faculty and staff members in researching and securing grant funding, managing and stewarding sponsored projects and other grant received.

Development and Alumni Relations

As an IC student, you will have access to an active alumni network. Graduates often return to campus for events or to visit classrooms and share their insights across a wide range of professions. Our alumni link students to internships, jobs, and organizations. Their generosity helps to fund scholarships, experiential learning opportunities, campus initiatives, faculty excellence, and emerging programs.

Disability Services

Call (217) 245-3068

Illinois College is committed to creating a successful community of inclusive excellence as we prepare students to live, learn, and work among people who experience the world in fundamentally different ways. For students with documented disabilities, it is the goal of the College to provide an environment that encourages equal access and participation to its various programs through a variety of services and accommodations. Reasonable accommodations are provided in accordance with the various policy statements of the College and in compliance with all applicable provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), as amended, and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. In order to receive disability-based academic accommodations, a student must self-identify and register with Disability Services.

Accommodations are not retroactive; therefore, it is important that students contact Disability Services as soon as possible to begin the process. All accommodations must be approved through Disability Services, which is located in Lincoln Hall. To make an appointment, call x3068 or email elizabeth.hommowun@ic.edu.

Facilities Management

The Facilities Management team takes pride in providing a safe, clean, and comfortable campus environment for living, learning, and working.

Human Resources

The employees of Illinois College are the heart of the College, working in a variety of jobs which each contribute to the overall success of our students. The Office of Human Resources is here to support employees in all aspects of their career with the College, from initial application to benefit and employment questions. The faculty and staff at Illinois College make a difference in the lives of students each and every day and the College offers its employees a competitive benefits package, making the Illinois College a premier choice for meaningful employment.

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Information Technology

Call (217) 245-3416
The Office of Information Technology provides creative technology solutions to enhance the teaching, learning and living experience. We value building and maintaining great relationships across campus, enabling us to deliver excellent support to the IC community and promote student success.

Institutional Research

The Office of Institutional Research at Illinois College contributes to the effectiveness of the institution in achieving its mission by supporting academic and administrative decision-making.

Intensive English Language Program

The Academic Bridge allows you to study Intensive English alongside regular undergraduate coursework for one to two semesters. You will experience a liberal arts education in an authentic American setting, while taking courses for credit and polishing your academic English language skills.

Intercollegiate Athletics

The mission of the Office of Intercollegiate Athletics is to reflect, reinforce and enhance the educational mission of Illinois College by creating an environment of excellence where student-athletes develop life skills, academic skills, and athletic skills that will enable them to earn degrees, become leaders, and win championships. In all areas of its operations, the Office's student-athletes, coaches, staff, and programs shall embody the character, integrity, and values needed to fulfill the lives of leadership and service.

International Experiences

Our BreakAway and study abroad programs open the door for life-defining global experiences to be immersed in culture as you live, study, travel and work in places like Belize, Jamaica, Cuba, Japan, Greece, Austria, Ireland and France, among others.

Khalaf Al Habtoor Archives

Dedicated to preserving the artifacts and documents of Illinois College and the Jacksonville community.

Mail Service

Call (217) 245-3019
Mail Services delivers student mail to the residential halls, as well as offering a safe and secure location for student package receipt.

Office Hours - Lincoln Hall
Monday through Friday
8:30 a.m. to 12 Noon, 1 to 4 p.m.


Marketing and Communication

The Office of Marketing and Communication has the privilege of telling the story of Illinois College from its rich history to the exciting, innovation happening on campus today.

Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The role of the Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (ODEI) at Illinois College is to be a vital resource for realizing the College’s aspirations of leadership and service.

Office of the President

Barbara A. Farley, the 14th President of Illinois College, has infused energy into initiatives that move forward boldly to ensure student success, realize strategic growth, and achieve sustainable foundations.

Paul Findley Congressional Office Museum

The Paul Findley Congressional Office Museum was established in 2011 to collect, preserve and make available manuscripts and artifacts related to the career of Paul Findley, a former member of the House of Representatives.

Public Safety

Call (217) 245-3111
The Department of Public Safety personnel provides a number of services and works collaboratively with the Jacksonville Police Department and the Morgan County Sheriff’s Department to provide a living and learning community that is safe for all who live and work on campus.


Call (217) 245-3013
The Office of the Registrar maintains the permanent academic record for each student enrolled at Illinois College — the courses taken, grades received, grade point averages, academic standing, and the classification and evaluation of transfer credit.

Religious Life

Illinois College nurtures the religious and spiritual lives of all its students, helping them draw deeply from their own religious and spiritual traditions as they make a difference in our diverse and pluralistic world.

Residential Life

Welcome home! Your experiences in and beyond the classroom are all part of the value of your Illinois College education. Having your classmates as neighbors helps build friendships and a sense of belonging among students. The goal of the residential life program is to foster openness, respect, honesty and community.

Speech Communication Center

Call (217) 245-3729
Located in Whipple Hall 203, the SCC is a facility where students can receive practical advice and suggestions (including verbal, written, and video feedback) for improving their presentations. Students enrolled in CO 101: Speech Fundamentals or other Speaking Extensive Experience courses this semester are particularly encouraged to make an appointment. Speech Center Advisors working in the SCC are trained to help individuals not only improve their presentational skills, but also reduce their anxiety about public speaking. To make an appointment at the SCC or for further details please contact Dr. Adam Jones at adam.jones@ic.edu or call x3729.

Student Financial Services

Call (217) 245-3035
Illinois College and the Office of Student Financial Services works with our students and families to find ways to make excellence affordable. We know that paying for college can be a challenge, and we are here to be your partner in establishing the best plan to fit your needs. We provide the kind of one-on-one guidance you won’t find at other colleges.

Templeton Counseling Center

Call (217) 245-3073
Templeton Counseling Center (TCC) is dedicated to providing students with psychological support as they pursue their academic and personal goals. Services provided include: Crisis Intervention, Individual Therapy, Group Therapy, Couples and Family Therapy Psycho-education, consults and referrals. Services are provided by licensed mental health professionals and are free to all IC students.